November Activity Roundup

Happenings in November!

November activities-maple leaf

  1. Remember Veterans on Veteran’s Day, November 11th. Honor the Veterans in your life by celebrating their service to our country.
  2. The weather is getting cooler and it may be harder for our bird friends to find food and water. For those older folks who love birds and bird watching don’t forget our feathered friends with ideas to help birds that winter in your area.
  3. November is the time we start planning the big Thanksgiving meal. Ask an older loved one to help plan the Thanksgiving meal early in the month.
  4. You and a loved one can try this Baker’s Quiz to prepare you for the big upcoming holiday meals.
  5. While you spend time in the kitchen with a loved one you will definitely stir up some memories. See this post on Stirring up Memories in the Kitchen to help you reminisce.
  6. Here are two more ways to reminisce with an older family member this November. Remember When? Autumn and Autumn Reminiscing.
  7. It’s the season of gratefulness and so here are 5 Ways of Giving Thanks.
  8. If you are at home with a parent during the holidays, this is a good time to make sure they are doing okay. Connecting with Mom’s Neighbors might be a way to help.
  9. While the family is together making memories, why not reminisce about past Thanksgivings with these questions.
  10. Finally, November is National Family Caregivers Month. You plan and provide activities for your loved one, but what activities do you do to refresh yourself? What are your interests, hobbies, socialization needs, spiritual needs, etc…? Take a moment to reflect on this and plan something for yourself. Even if it is just a phone call to an old friend, a foot bath, an appointment at the nail salon, an Autumn walk, or a church visit to pray. Sometimes even the smallest moments can be the most refreshing.

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