Connecting With Mom’s Neighbors

If you’re home visiting with an aging parent…

this is a great time to connect with their neighbors. Connecting with neighbors is a good way to stay informed about your parent if you are a long-distance caregiver. That is, if the neighbor is willing to check-in for you.

If you feel the neighbors are trustworthy consider the following ideas:

  • Visit with the neighbors and see if they are willing to visit with your parent occasionally (or whatever schedule you arrange). They may not know about the increased needs of your aging relative.
  • Exchange phone numbers, addresses, and e-mail addresses and ask if you can call them periodically to update you on any changes. Likewise, they can call you if they see the need to.
  • Visits from neighbors can give parents needed socialization and keep them from being isolated.
  • Homeowners Associations may sometimes have resources, tips, and communication geared towards the older population. My HOA, for example, has a bi-monthly newsletter with a “senior column” as well as a website where you can contact committee members. You may be able to connect with neighbors there.
  • Stay in contact with the neighbors and send thanks their way for whatever help they give.

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