Easy Craft-No Sew Throws

Throws make wonderful gifts for those who like a little extra warmth. What could be better than having your own throw in your favorite color? Fleece throws are simple to make and do not require any sewing. The warm throws are great to give as gifts. If your older family member or friend enjoys making things this might be easy enough for her to create herself or with assistance if needed.

Materials Needed:

  • 2 coordinating fabrics, usually fleece (Prints and solids work well together). Fleece usually comes in many designs like sports, outdoors, flowers, plaids, animals, etc… The size depends on how big you would like your throw. We used 2 yards of material for each coordinating fabric.

    coordinating fabrics

    coordinating fabrics for front and back

Supplies Needed:

  • Sewing Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Fabric Marking Pen


  1. Lay the fabric for the back of the throw down with the wrong side facing up.
fabric-right side facing down

fabric-wrong side facing up


2.  Lay the fabric for the front of the throw on top of the first fabric with the right side facing up. Trim any bad selvages from the fabrics making sure both fabrics are cut to the same size. (Selvages are finished edges to keep the fabric from fraying.)

trimming selvages

Trimming selvages through both layers of fabric

3.  In order for each corner to be cut, measure 4 inches in from each side of each corner and mark using your fabric marker. So a 4 inch block will be taken out of each of the four corners. Cut these blocks out through both layers of fabric.

4 inch block cut from each corner

4 inch block cut from each corner

4.  To start making fringe, cut 4 X 2 inch strips along each side of the throw. Cut through both layers of fabric.

Cutting strips through both layers of fabric

Cut strips through both layers

5.  To finish the throw, tie each strip of fabric together using an overhand knot. That is, tie the front of the fabric to the back of the fabric with each coordinating tie. Do this around the entire throw.

Tying fabric strips together

Tie coordinating strips together

6.  When you are finished enjoy your throw or give as a wonderful warm gift.

Considerations for Older Adult Crafters:

  • If possible include your loved one in shopping for fabrics. Assist in picking out coordinating fabrics.
  • Depending on your loved ones abilities you may wish to prepare the fabric ahead of time (cutting) and allow your loved one to tie. Or you may wish to have them help with the entire project.
  • There are No Sew Fleece Throw Kits available at hobby and fabric stores that you may wish to purchase instead of purchasing your own fabric.
  • Wrap these up as gifts for family and friends. Attach a label (available for purchase at fabric stores) that says who it is made by.
  • Consider making this an intergenerational activity with a child helping to tie.


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