Reminiscing About Work life

Pair of men's boots

Work takes up a great portion of our life. We spend hours at work to make a living for our families and ourselves. Our occupations usually mean a great deal to us, even when we retire.

So how much do you know about an elder’s work life?

Here are some questions to ask an elder about their past work life experiences.

Remember to have a pencil and paper ready to write down their answers for a family journal.

  • What was your earliest job? At what age did you start? Do you remember how much you were paid?
  • Did you work during high school, college, or even before?
  • Did you ever have a summer job?
  • Did any early jobs influence what you did for work as an adult?
  • What did you study in college? Did you get a job in your field when you left college?
  • What was your occupation(s) as an adult?
  • Where did you work? How long did you work here?
  • Did you receive any awards, accomplishments, promotions while working?
  • What was your favorite job? What was your least favorite job?
  • Did you like your boss? Is there a boss or co-worker that you remember?
  • Is there a job you always wanted to try, but never did? What is it?
  • Do you remember your parents occupation?
  • Did you ever go to work with them?
  • If you could do any job today, what would it be? Why?

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