How to Make Fabric Yo-Yo Pins

If you’re familiar with sewing, you’ve probably seen a yo-yo. No, not the yo-yos we played with as a child, but yo-yos made from fabric. Fabric yo-yos are commonly attached to quilts, pillows, decorative T-towels, and lots of other sewing projects.

fabric yo yo pins

Wearable pins made from fabric yo-yos

Fabric yo-yos are cute little button-like shapes. And when you attach a pin to the back they become wearable pins. The darling little pins can be made for any time of the year.

To make these pins you will need the help of a yo-yo maker. There are ways to make yo-yo pins without yo-yo makers, but I have found when making a lot of these little beauties that it makes it so much easier with a handy tool. There are yo-yo makers available in round, flower, butterfly, heart, and shamrock shaped yo-yos. You may find the round shaped yo-yo makers in craft or fabric stores, but I had trouble finding the other shapes in stores.

Using the yo-yo maker may take some practice. You must read the instructions that come with the yo-yo maker. Some seniors may find it difficult to use. Others who are more familiar with sewing may want to attempt this first step. But, once the yo-yo is made, a senior will find it fun to decorate with buttons and other embellishments and getting it ready to wear on her lapel.

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Here are the directions for making yo-yo pins

Materials Needed:

  • Yo-yo Maker  Round; flower; butterfly; heart; shamrock (There are separate yo-yo makers for each shape)
  • Fabric (I recommend using a small print since these pins are small. The finished size, using a 45mm round yo-yo maker results in a 1 ½” – 1 ¾” yo-yo. You will not need much fabric unless you are making lots of yo-yos.) You may want to try yo-yos in several colors of fabric.
  • Needle and Thread to match your fabric
  • Scissors
  • Buttons or other embellishments
  • Pins ( I used 1″ pin backs with clutch, which I purchased at the craft store or you may find similar pins online here)
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks


  1. Follow each yo-yo shape instructions. (When purchased, each yo-yo maker comes with their own instructions for sewing.) For this step you will need to cut your fabric a little larger then the shape of the yo-yo maker you are using. You will also need to use a needle and thread to sew the yo-yo. Make sure the thread on your needle is long because you will need to sew all the way around the yo-yo maker, then gather the stitches and tie it when you have gone all the way around.
  2. After you have finished the yo-yo, you may sew or glue on a button in the middle of the yo-yo or glue on other embellishments of your choice. The front of the yo-yo is where the opening is.
  3. Glue a pin to the back of the yo-yo. Let dry.
  4. Pin Fabric Yo-yo Pin on a lapel and enjoy! Make one to match each outfit!


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