Reuse and Recycle Christmas Cards

Christmas cards are beautiful, but what do you do with them after your loved one has received them?

Christmas Card Puzzle

Here are some good ways to use old Christmas cards with an older family member.

  • Keep cards in a nice box to look at and read whenever your loved one wants. Keep the box on a side table and pull out the cards to look at the pictures, read the greetings, and to reminisce with. Consider helping your loved one to write back to any one she wants to keep in touch with.
  • Box the cards up and send them on to an organization that recycles the cards into new ones to sell. (Note: St. Jude’s Ranch recycled card program has ended.)
  • Make a scrapbook of cards. Long ago people kept their cards in a scrapbook. Revive this hobby by making your loved one a Christmas scrapbook to look at and enjoy all year.
  • Make a puzzle from a card and wood blocks. First purchase wood blocks at a hobby store. The amount of small wood blocks (I used 12 1½ inch sized wood blocks) used will depend on the size of your card. Place the blocks so they fit under the card. Glue or use Mod Podge to glue and seal the card to the top of the blocks. Let dry. Then using care, use a sharp tool to separate each block. Then have your loved one put the puzzle together. Tips: Glue another card onto the back side of the puzzle to have two puzzles. Or glue more cards onto the other sides of the blocks depending on how challenging your loved one likes their puzzles. Just make sure all the sides and blocks are turned the same way when you glue on a new card. Also consider what part of this craft your loved one can assist with. You, the caregiver, may need to handle the separating of each block.
  • Fold colorful Christmas cards into origami shapes such as boxes, birds, and stars. Search the internet for easy patterns.
  • Cut bookmarks from the colorful fronts or the sayings on the inside of the cards.
  • Use punch stamps to make cut outs for other projects.

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