Garden Checklist for Senior Gardeners

If you take care of a loved one that enjoys gardening, there is no greater joy than doing SOMETHING in the garden.

Even if it is just sitting and enjoying the plants, watching a butterfly flit by, or feeling a breeze on your face.


Here is a list of tips and simple tasks in the garden that a senior gardener might enjoy:

  • Plant a patio sensory garden.
  • Fill small bottles with water for watering plants.
  • Water plants. Especially water any new plants that may have been planted.
  • Add compost or fertilizer to fertilize soil in patio pots.
  • Plant herbs to use in cooking.
  • Plant annuals for the spring and summer.
  • Plant seeds and watch them grow each day.
  • Dead head any flowers heads that are spent.
  • Make garden markers for remembering.
  • Pick any herbs or vegetables when ready.
  • Plant grass seed in pots with the grand kids. Then give the grass seed a hair cut.
  • Fill bird feeders when bird food is low.
  • Watch the activity of bird houses to see if any new birds or babies appear.
  • Obtain a bird book for the back patio.
  • Caregivers can take pictures of plants that mom or dad may not have access to.
  • Journal or photograph your garden. Post them to a social media page.
  • Decorate a garden hat for wearing in the garden.
  • Make garden beads.
  • Sweep the porch.
  • Obtain a sturdy chair for mom or dad to sit in.
  • Find a nice shady area to sit or work in.
  • If your loved one enjoys the sun, have sunscreen available.
  • Make a search of the patio and garden areas for safety issues where your loved one may go. Fix or remove anything unsafe.
  • See The Senior Gardeners Toolbox for more tips.

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