Tiny Memories Memory Box

Memorabilia comes in all shapes and sizes.

Even some of the smallest things like jewelry, pins, and keys can hold memories. A memory box is the perfect place to house these items. But, this memory box has tiny slots for tiny items. Together, with a loved one, find those tiny memories that will have you reminiscing for many days to come.

Memory Box with tiny items

Materials Needed:

  • Box with small sections like an old bead box or printers tray
  • Tiny memories to place inside the tray (see the idea list below)
  • Cardstock in various prints (optional)
  • Sand paper or paint as needed
  • Picture hanging fixtures as needed or wanted
  • Tacks or glue as needed

Directions for Making a Memory Box for small memories

  1. After finding your memory box or printers tray, inspect it for flaws and smooth out flaws with sand paper or paint as needed.
  2. If you want to hang your box, make sure there is a picture hanging fixture at the back of the box or attach one as needed before arranging items in the box.
  3. Collect tiny items to place in the box that are memories from the past. These can include medals; necklaces; symbols; tiny award pins; tiny rocks from places you’ve visited; sand or dirt in tiny bottles from places you’ve traveled; pictures; jewelry; keys; sea shells; military mementos; embellishments and cardstock that hold meaning; etc… Tiny memories to include in your box are endless!
  4. Next, you need to decide if you would like your box hung on a wall or placed on a table. The difference is that if the box is hung on the wall, your loved one will probably only be able to look at the items in the box, because they may need to be secured with glue or tacks. A box set on a table will probably have loose items that can be handled and put back in. You decide what is best. If you do hang it on a wall, secure the items from falling out with glue, tacks, or other method you determine that is best fit for the item.
  5. Hang your box or find a table to set it on so it can be looked at often.
  6. Enjoy the tiny memories memory box with your loved one by looking at it, touching the items (if appropriate), and reminiscing about them. Share the memories with those that come to visit. It can be a nice conversation piece.


  • If you plan to make this with or for a loved one, it may take some time in finding the box and collecting items to place in it. It is a journey that takes some time in finding just the right items. But, this is also the fun of it! It has taken me some time to find tiny items for the box in the picture, and as you can see by some spaces left open that I still have items to find. The box in the picture is one that will be left on a table, rather than hung on a wall.
  • Make sure all items are safe for your loved one to handle.


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