The Senior Gardener’s Toolbox

Here are some tips and tools for the Senior

Gardener, depending on abilities:

  • Use raised beds, boxes, or flower pots at a convenient height to garden from a standing or seated position.
  • Place garden pots on plant caddies for easier movement of pots and plants. Bring the pot to a seated person to work on.
  • Use tools with built-up handles for a better grip, or wrap and secure foam around smaller handled tools. Look for tools until you find the right ones that will work.
  • Use smaller, lighter weight watering cans for watering. See this post on Easy Garden Watering Tip.
  • Use watering wands which are long-handled watering tools for easier reach.
  • Long-handled tools also make reaching easier. Try to look for lighter weight tools as well.
  • Kneeling pads give knees a cushion from the hard ground.
  • A sturdy footstool makes a chair nearer to the ground, but make sure your loved one can get up and down.
  • Use gardening gloves to protect hands from injuries.
  • Use hats and sunscreen as needed to protect delicate skin from the sun.

For a list of garden tasks, see Get Moving in the Garden.

Learn how to create activity spaces in the garden for an elder.

Dahlia in bloom



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