Home Made Christmas Gifts for Older Loved Ones

 Home made gifts are fun to create…

especially if you make it a family project. Creating something from scratch allows you to personalize a gift for someone.

Star Christmas ornament

Here are some ideas for adults and children to make for an older family member or friend.

  • Box together, letter writing materials, like stationery, pens, stamps, envelopes, or postcards. Place the items in a decorative box found at many hobby stores.
  • Make a photo album of your loved one with family members or pictures you have taken over the years. Make it a theme if you wish like family reunion, summer 2015, trip to California, etc…
  • Make a craft or hobby kit, including supplies your loved one would use in their favorite hobby. For example, if your mom crochets include yarn, crochet hooks, crochet books, crochet hook holders, etc… all in a bin that holds yarn.
  • Create a fairy garden. Purchase items for a fairy garden and put it together as a gift or give the supplies to your loved one with the idea of creating it together. See Make Your Own Fairy Garden post for details.
  • Make a shadow box commemorating a person, event, trip, or time. See Reminiscing with Shadow Boxes on how to make your own.
  • Make a “Spa Box” with gifts such as nail polish, nail files, plush towels, lotions, makeup, and other related items you find.
  • Make a calendar or photo album using one of the many on-line photo shops that are so easy to use.
  • If you crochet consider, an afghan, lap blanket, scarf, or hat as a gift. If you sew, sew together squares to make a lap blanket. Or, you can sew together two pieces of flannel material, one yard each, to make a lap blanket. You can even make this easy no-sew fleece quilt.
  • Create a care package for a loved one that includes some of their favorite things. See How to Create a Care Package.
  • Make coupons good for a loved one’s favorite spots for restaurants, stores, museum visits, movies, house cleaning, pie or cookies, making a lunch/dinner, etc… Make your own gift certificate with this template.
  • Whip something up in the kitchen as a gift, such as cooked frozen or fresh meals, home-baked goods, snacks, chocolate, or other favorite foods.
  • For specific children’s hand-made gifts see Kids Gifts for Grandparents.
  • Hand made ornaments and other crafts. Check at hobby stores for tons of ideas and here at Caregivers Activity Source for crafts posted throughout the month.

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