Tips for Shopping With an Older Family Member

If you are shopping with an older family member this holiday season, here are 11 quick tips to help you along your way.

Christmas Shopping List


  1. Pack snacks and a water bottle for those who might get hungry or thirsty. Water is also helpful if someone needs to take any medications while out and about.
  2. Make a list of things to buy before you go. Look at store advertisements to get some ideas before you go. Sort through store coupons to take with you. Give some thought as well, to how everything will be paid for.
  3. Choose one or two places to go unless your loved one can handle more.
  4. Plan a lunch together after shopping.
  5. Know how much walking and exercise your loved one can do. Stores sometimes have chairs set in various places. Take a rest when you and she needs it. Also consider if pushing a basket will help to steady someone. My mom likes pushing the basket so she has something to hold onto.
  6. Don’t forget the disabled parking placard for parking in handicap spots if your loved one has one.
  7. Plan for the weather- Do you need gloves, hats, coats, or boots? Take care with bad weather, icy sidewalks, etc…
  8. Listen to holiday music in the car.
  9. Take your time and have fun.
  10. Take advantage of free gift wrapping when available.
  11. Consider shopping online if going out to shop is not an option. It’s the new way to shop!

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