December Activities with Older Family Members

Christmas Tree and gifts Feeling in the holiday spirit? Here are 15 Activities to do in December with an older family member or friend!

  1. Fill out Christmas and holiday cards together. Take your time shopping for, filling out, and addressing cards to people your loved one wishes to send them to. Help to write a note to someone else she loves.
  2. Bake cookies and candies. Try cut-out cookies, fudge, peppermint bark, chocolate chip cookies, or peanut brittle. Pick a favorite and bake away. Include the children when you can.
  3. National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day is December 7th. Do you or your older family member remember this important day in history?
  4. How well do you or your loved one know Christmas? Try to answer the questions from Christmas Trivia.
  5. Trying to find a gift for your older family member? Browse the Gift Guide for Older Persons for ideas.
  6. Feeling Crafty? Check out Homemade Christmas Gifts for Older Persons.
  7. If your loved one enjoys making gifts, check out Easy Craft-No Sew Throws.
  8. December 21st is the first day of winter. Celebrate with a cup of hot chocolate. Add a candy cane and/or whipping cream for a tasty treat.
  9. Watch old classic Christmas movies like White Christmas, Miracle on 34th Street, It’s a Wonderful Life, and other favorites.
  10. Break into song with favorite Christmas carols during the day. Sing songs familiar to your loved one.
  11. While preparing for family gatherings, remember traditional recipes shared by your loved one and include her in the preparations. See Stirring Up Memories in the Kitchen.
  12. Check out our Grand Activities Page for activities to do with grandchildren who might be visiting.
  13. Are you and your loved one feeling housebound? See Places to go in December for ideas of places to experience and visit.
  14. If you plan to take your older family member out shopping see Tips for shopping with an older family member.
  15. Wanting to send a care package to someone far away? See how to create a care package or find a company that will do it for you like Senior Care Box.


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