Places to Go in December

Santa, sleigh, and reindeer

If you want somewhere to go this month with your older family member or friend, here are a few ideas:

  • Go to see a holiday play. Sometimes places will have a special production (with a special time) for seniors you might check into. Also check into special seating if needed.
  • Take an evening and drive around to see the Christmas lights, even if it is in your own neighborhood.
  • Go shopping. Make a plan ahead of time of where you will go. See Tips for shopping with an older family member.
  • Go to lunch.
  • See a holiday movie at the movie theater.
  • Attend a church service or another special holiday service together. This time of the year many churches offer special holiday programs to their congregations, things like plays, choirs, bible studies, etc…
  • Visit someone you know that your older family member or friend hasn’t seen in a while. This may be a relative, someone in a nursing home, or a friend.
  • Go somewhere for hot cocoa or tea.
  • Visit a favorite charity and drop off a donation.
  • Deliver a plate of cookies to a place your loved one frequents such as a senior center, doctors office, volunteer organization, or club he may belong to.

**When you go, plan ahead, check the weather, and most of all have fun!


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