Making Connections-Kids and Grandparents

When a grandparent’s abilities start to decline, children may start to have trouble understanding how this can happen and may now have trouble relating to Grandma or Grandpa. Sometimes they need an adult to teach them how to connect with an older person. Doing activities together can connect people of all ages. Whether young or old, by doing activities together we teach, we listen, we watch, we laugh, we learn, we grow.

How can you make and keep connections between older persons and kids? It doesn’t have to be a planned or elaborate activity. Think in terms of the simple activities that make us happy.

  • Reading together. A child may read to an adult or the adult may read to the child.
  • Watching favorite sports together. This may be on TV, at a ball field, or anywhere your favorite sports take place.
  • Coloring and drawing together.
  • Playing cards or games.
  • Sewing, knitting, crocheting, or other crafts.
  • Woodworking, model building, or tinkering.
  • Planting seeds.
  • Making snacks.
  • Working on homework together.
  • Watching movies or TV programs.
  • Playing a musical instrument.
  • Praying together.
  • Spending time outside together.
  • Going for walks.
  • Going to the park.
  • Having a picnic at a park or in the backyard.
  • Walking a pet.
  • Caring for a pet, such as brushing, feeding, giving treats, or teaching new tricks.
  • Watching wildlife in the yard.
  • Creating a Fairy Garden together.
  • Painting Birdhouses.

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