Dear Mom, I Remember

Gifts from the heart are the best gifts of all. Mom’s love these.

Moms do so much for us, especially when we’re young. It really isn’t until we’re older that we realize just how much.

Here are some gift ideas to create for Mom for Mother’s Day, or any time of year. These are gifts that give the gift of remembering.

Shadowboxes are such personal and special ways to remember something or someone.

Whether you want to frame pictures or objects, you can do both. For Mom, you can frame something special to her like pictures, a collection of jewelry, her old handkerchiefs, dried flowers or old corsages, special brooches or pins, or a collage of all of these. Look to see what is special to her that she may have been saving all these years that you can put on display. Look for a shadowbox at a craft store that will fit your needs. Arrange all the items you would like to display and give it to her as a gift. Remember to reminisce with Mom about the items in the box. Display the shadowbox in a place where she can enjoy it all the time. Check out this post on shadowboxes in more detail.

Photograph albums with a theme are a wonderful way to remember a special event.

A trip you’ve taken with Mom; a family gathering; a family reunion; Mom’s favorite place; when Mom was young; her favorite animals or pets she’s had; pictures of her favorite things; letters or postcards received over the years; a child’s artwork; etc. are all themes to create a remembrance book from. You can include not only photographs, but also receipts, menus, napkins, tickets, and more that can be commemorative of an event or time.

Take the time to Reminisce with Mom

Reminiscing with Mom gives the gift of her memories. Start with questions and consider writing them down into a book that you can give as a gift back to her. Consider these other ways to reminisce with Mom. 

Write a letter to Mom telling her what you remember.

A gift that let’s mom know that you remember and recall all of the special things she did for you is a very special thing. Maybe it is special moments you spent together, or things she has taught you through her actions. Whatever special moments that you remember, write it in a letter. Print off the Dear Mom blank letter form or click on the blank form below so you may write your own. This is a letter to my sweet mom of the things I remember.

letter to mom with flowers



letter with flowers

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