Get Moving…In the Garden

We all know moving our bodies has physical as well as psychological benefits. But moving in the garden has so many more benefits. Sensory (smelling, tasting, touching, hearing, and seeing nature), spiritual, and social (the possibility of speaking to neighbors), can be added to the list. Moving doesn’t have to be hard physical exercise. Our bodies, minds, and spirits can benefit by participating in smaller activities as well.

Here are some activities to get your loved one moving in the garden!

  • Walking through the garden
  • Weeding
  • Potting plants or container gardening
  • Planting seeds such as vegetables, herbs, or flowers
  • Watering plants
  • Picking vegetables, fruits, or flowers
  • Prune or deadhead plants
  • Taking pictures
  • Gather pinecones for a craft or potpourri
  • Checking for birds nests
  • Hanging a bird feeder
  • Refilling a bird feeder
  • Filling the birdbath with water
  • Checking the outdoor thermometer
  • Putting out the garden art (likes gnomes and stones)
  • Check a rain gauge
  • Eating fruits and vegetable right out of the garden (if safe or organic)
  • Listening for sounds such as birds, squirrels, or breezes
  • Looking at and touching various plants and feeling their texture
  • Smelling flowers or pinching and smelling herbs

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