The Family Tree

What better time to start writing down a family tree than during Family Reunion Month (July).

While visiting an older family member a child can learn the roots of his family, names, events, and family stories. Writing down a family tree is a great learning opportunity.


  • Have your child start by writing down names of parents, grandparents, then great grandparents. If a grandparent or other older family member can remember other family members names than write those down as well. Go back as far as you can. Many people write down names, birth dates, and death dates in family bibles.
  • Write down stories of ancestors that might be mentioned. There always seems to be stories related to the people we remember. Your child can ask questions like What did my great-grandfather do for a living? How many brothers and sisters did he have? Where was he born? etc…  Have your child preserve these in a notebook.
  • Consider having your child draw a family tree, or copy one on-line. Write the names he discovered in the appropriate branches on the tree. You may wish to write one family tree for each child, since most family trees start with the child’s name.
  • You may wish to frame the tree or preserve it with the stories in a notebook.

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