Helping an Older Person With Faith Habits

What faith habits does your older family member or friend have? Do you know?

Knowing what your loved one’s faith habits are is the first step in helping them to practice it. So ask him or another person close to him what those faith habits are. There may be several or there may be none at all. There may be something that he’d like to start doing or hasn’t done in a very long time. These are all simple questions to ask.

Here is a basic list of faith habits to consider. This list may lead to other habits not listed here. Make your own list as you discuss them with your loved one so you can assist him in putting faith into practice. Just note that faith is sometimes personal and private.

  • Attendance at church
  • Attendance at church groups such as bible study, women’s groups, men’s groups, etc…
  • Volunteering at church or for those in need
  • Prayer before meals
  • Daily prayer (morning, afternoon, evening)
  • Bible reading
  • Prayers of thanks
  • Prayers of Blessings
  • Prayers of intercessions
  • Meditation
  • Reading spiritual books
  • Television services and other programs
  • Other specific religious habits connected to one’s own faith


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