Video Sharing With Grandparents


Today’s technology makes it so much easier to share life’s special moments.

Grandparents or other older family members can view pictures and videos of soccer games, ballet recitals, skits, and parties. You can even send hellos and well wishes just for the fun of it. How fun not only to receive, but to send!

Depending on whether they have a computer, tablet, etc… and whether they have compatible applications here are a few other things to videotape and send:

  • A child playing dress-up such as princesses or pirates
  • Swimming or running through the sprinkler
  • A special message to a loved one like I love you, Happy Birthday, Happy Grandparents Day, etc…
  • First day of school
  • Showing or telling about something just learned such as a different language, sport, or hobby.

Next time you find an opportunity to video something, remember to send it to someone who will love it! You will probably make their day!

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