Penpals With Grandparents

Grandparents make great pen-pals!

When children and grandparents are far apart, sometimes the long-distance can be difficult. Keep in Birthday card with ladybugtouch by becoming a pen pal. Here are a few ideas for bridging the gap:

  • Be a pen pal the old-fashioned way. Pick out some nice stationery and pen a letter.
  • Make your own notecards using blank paper folded in half, stamps, stickers, markers or other embellishments. Pen the note inside and find an envelope to fit.
  • Buy and send postcards from home or wherever you may be. See a postcard tradition.
  • Draw pictures or take pictures with your camera and send with your letter or notecard.
  • Send messages electronically with e-mails or text messages. Send digital pictures along with your message if you have them.
  • Using a paint program on your computer create a picture and send to someone.
  • Make and send puzzles using a puzzle maker found on-line or make up your own. You can make word searches or crossword puzzles and type in your own word list. Your word list might consist of family member names, favorite team names, names of flowers, constellation names, favorite family foods, etc…

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