10 Timeless Games to Play

bean bags and bucket

These simple games have been around forever, and they are the games that the older generation will likely remember.

  1. Find that yo-yo you’ve been holding on to and let everyone have a try at it. Or, better yet, buy one for everyone and see who remembers how to do it!
  2. Horseshoes is a game our older generation played many times at picnics and family get-togethers. There are adult versions with the heavier horseshoes or a kids lighter-weight versions. Choose one that’s right for you and your family. Horseshoes can be thrown from a seated position if needed.
  3. Make up your own bean bag toss game by tossing bean bags into a bucket or shooting them through different sized hoops.
  4. Play Croquet! This game takes place on grass and can be played from a seated position. Try it on the patio if you wish by shooting the ball into large plastic cups. Think of other ways you can adapt this game.
  5. Kickball-This game can be adapted by sitting in a circle and kicking a lightweight ball, such as a beach ball, around to each other. For an older person who sits in a wheelchair or needs to be seated quite frequently, this gets the legs moving. An adaptation for a regular version of this game would be to let an older person kick and let a child be the runner to base.
  6. Hot Potato-In this game someone passes the potato (could be any object) from person to person until the music stops or someone says, “HOT”. The person left holding the potato when this happens is out.
  7. Jacks are typically played on a floor without carpet, but you can play this game on the table with a grandparent. Find this game at a store or on-line.
  8. Act out your favorite movies, sports, animals, characters, or movie stars with charades. Write down specific words for charades on pieces of paper and place in a bowl. Every can draw one and act it out.
  9. Hangman can be played anywhere, at anytime. Just have a piece of paper and a pencil handy. A mind-stimulating game!
  10. Set up a t-ball for anyone to bat. A child can be the runner or just bat the ball for fun. Again, can be played from a seated position.

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