Tips for Planning a Letter Writing Day With a Senior

 flowers and envelopes

It’s still exciting to check the mailbox.

Even though in today’s world we don’t receive that many letters or cards in the mail I still look forward to checking the mailbox. So do my parents. Once one of my parents brings the mail in, they look at it together. They do not have an e-mail nor do they text, and while many seniors now communicate through technology, there are still many older adults like my parents who have not. (UPDATE: My mom got a smart phone and is learning to use it. Now she texts!)

So letter writing is still alive.

And looking forward to reading a letter or a card is still anticipated and many times appreciated.

Plan a letter writing day…

with your older family member or friend so that he or she may keep in touch with other family members or friends. Some older persons may have difficulty keeping in touch, difficulty forming words, and/or difficulty with eyesight. They may also not remember birthdays or anniversaries they once thought was important to remember. Although it is not always necessary to keep up the routine of sending cards and letters they once did, it might bring a special joy to your loved one to keep in touch with others.

Plan a day as often as you’d like to sit down and write letters and fill out cards together.

Tips for Planning a Fun Letter Writing Day with a Senior

  • You can plan a letter writing day once a week, bi-weekly or monthly, whatever fits into your schedule. Whether your parent lives in their own home or a nursing home, you can do this activity from anywhere.
  • Make a list of people your loved one would like to keep in touch with.
  • Look at a calendar of birthdays, anniversaries, and other special dates she would like to acknowledge. Plan when and to whom to send cards to.
  • Purchase stationery, cards, stamps, and other letter writing supplies on one of your outings with your loved one.
  • Sit down and assist as needed. Does mom need help writing? Does Dad need someone to just address the envelopes because of poor eyesight?
  • This is a great activity for a child and an older person to do together. A child can assist in writing letters and addressing envelopes, and placing stamps on the envelopes.
  • See this post about shopping your local Dollar Store for cards.
  • If you’re looking for your loved one to receive mail from family and friends see this idea.
  • Include a time for snacks or lunch afterwards.

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