Dollar Store Shopping with a Senior

25 Dollar Store finds to use in activities

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What activity supplies can you find at the dollar store while shopping with your older family member or friend?

Here are some Dollar Store finds and ideas on how to use them with your loved one.

  • Greeting Cards-For those who still enjoy sending out cards. Buy several cards ahead of time and place in a file sorted by months or card themes. This way your loved one will always have a card to send when needed.
  • Seasonal Decorations-Decorate a home inside or out using seasonal decorations. Seasonal decorations may help those with dementia to recognize the time of year
  • Books-For reading by your loved one or to be read to him or her
  • Office supplies-For those who still enjoy writing, drawing, staying organized, and making lists
  • Knick knacks for a theme box to rummage through and talk about. See how to make a Rummage Box
  • Cooking utensils-For those who enjoy cooking or baking
  • Crossword puzzle books, Sudoku, and mazes for those who enjoy doing puzzles
  • Jigsaw puzzles-Fun to leave on a table to work on with family or alone
  • Games like checkers or chess
  • Small hand-sized balls to squeeze for hand exercises
  • Bigger balls like beach balls to kick around the room or outside to get legs moving. Can also throw to get arms moving
  • Pots and seeds for gardening, and wind chimes (depending on the time of year)
  • Artificial flowers, containers, and floral supplies for flower arranging
  • Potpourri and containers for those who enjoy the beauty of nature and scents or need sensory stimulation activities
  • Picture frames to display pictures of family, friends, or artwork
  • Craft supplies like beads, water colors, sketch pads, and stickers for crafters
  • For writers- writing supplies like sticky notes, notepads, envelopes, and index cards
  • Party supplies for those who enjoy special occasions and events
  • Magnifying and reading glasses for reading and close work
  • Crayons and markers for those who still enjoy drawing and coloring (it is a relaxing activity)
  • Food (limited variety) for making snacks, cooking, and baking
  • Lotions for hand massages
  • Gifts for grandchildren
  • Trays for those who like to fidget with little objects like buttons, beads, cards, etc… See Creating Activity Spaces Using Trays
  • Spices to use in sensory activities. See Using Spices for Remembering and Sensory


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