Halloween Candy Bags

Halloween candy bags

Halloween Candy Bags are easy for an older loved one to make…

for the grandkids. All you need is candy, bags and something to tie it with. We used orange clear wrap for one of the bags (cut in a 12 X 12″ square with edges folded up) and a regular fold top sandwich bag for the other (Cut the sides of the fold so the fold is gone.)

We stuffed the bags with candy and tied the top with green raffia. You can use any kind of ribbon, twist ties, or even rubber bands to tie the top of the bag. All the materials we used we already had on hand. You can purchase Halloween bags if you wish.

Wrapped candy is preferable to many parents over loose candy.

Decorate your bags with faces (you can use sticky foam shapes to make faces) or leave them plain like we did. Have fun!

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