Favorite February Activities

vintage Valentine's Day cardCelebrate a few of February’s special days with an older family member or friend!

  • From January to March The Girl Scouts are out selling cookies! Purchase a box or two of your favorite cookies and enjoy some with a loved one while supporting Girl Scouts.
  • February is National Bird Feeding Month. If your loved one is a bird lover see Don’t Forget Our Feathered Friends post for ways to remember birds during wintertime.
  • For an indoor activity, set up a Jigsaw puzzle to work on together.
  • Consider reading something together with a loved one. See Chicken Soup and Other Delicious Reads for reading ideas.
  • Valentine’s Day is coming soon. Show your love for an older family member with a lunch date, flowers, candy, card, or other gift.
  • Visit With Love from Loveland.com for a special stamp on a Valentine’s Day Card envelope for a loved one. Every year Loveland, Colorado has a program of stamping a special valentines message to cards sent to them. But hurry, you must get your cards in quickly!
  • If your loved one keeps a scrapbook of cards,look through these to reminisce. My mother keeps a scrapbook of cards from when she was a child and it has many of the old valentines in it that she loves to reminisce about.
  • Enjoy some TV time with a loved one. The Westminster Dog Show and the Academy Awards are two big shows to be aired this month.
  • Reminisce about United States Presidents in honor of President’s Day. Who was the President when your loved one was born? Who were the Presidents during his childhood? Which President has been his favorite?

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