Reminiscing About Presidents

Here are some questions for reminiscing about Presidents.

If you live in another country, use this as a guide for reminiscing about your leaders.

circle of stars

  • Who is/was your favorite President? Why?
  • Do you have a Presidential story of any kind?
  • Do you know who the President was the year you were born? The year you graduated from High School?
  • Name some of the Presidents that have served during your lifetime. Which was the most influential?
  • Do you remember what some of the Presidents were famous for (quotes, scandals, preferences, food, hobbies)?
  • Do you remember any of the Vice Presidents or other cabinet members during any administration?
  • Do you remember any of the President’s family members names, for example, first ladies, children, pets during any administration?
  • Have you ever attended an inauguration?
  • Have you ever written to a President? What did you say? If you had written what would you have said?
  • Did you vote as soon as you were old enough to vote? Have you always voted?
  • Did you ever get involved in politics, like running for office, helping with elections, etc…?
  • Did you ever imagine yourself becoming President?

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