Keeping Active During Autumn

Autumn is a great time to stay active for older family members and friends.

The weather has turned a bit cooler allowing more outdoor activities without getting overheated. Observing the change in seasons brings many interesting colors and beauty in our world.

Dahlia in bloom in Autumn

Dahlia in bloom

 Here are some Fall related activities to  experience with an older loved one.

  • This is a wonderful time to visit a Botanic Garden if you live near one. Stroll through a garden and observe fall blooming flowers and other plants, such as pumpkins and squash. See A Botanical Garden Visit for great tips on taking a trip to a local garden.
  • Visit a farmers market to pick up some fresh produce. Then spend time in the kitchen with your loved one making a favorite dish. I recently picked up some rhubarb for a strawberry, rhubarb, raspberry pie.
  • Bring some of the outdoors in by going on a walk and collecting things for decorations. See Decorating Nature’s Way for use in decorating and helping to remind an older loved one of the seasonal changes occurring.
  • If your loved one likes crafts check out Autumn Mason Jar Crafts. There are dozens of things to do with mason jars. What other ideas can you or your older family member or friend make or even can using mason jars?
  • For those older folks who enjoy talking about the past, see Autumn Reminiscing for thoughtful questions about Autumns past.
  • Remember to register to vote. If your loved one would like to vote and isn’t registered, now is the time to do it.
  • Take walks when you can. Check out the changing tree leaves which can be spectacular this time of year. Prevent falls by watching out for the fallen leaves and other objects on sidewalks and paths you may walk on. Take pictures of changing trees and plants and include them when reminiscing about Autumn.
  • Take a scenic drive to see the changing leaves in your area.

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