Crafts From Pressed Flowers

Using and Preserving Flowers…

is the next step in the process of Collecting and Pressing Flowers. In that blog post we taught you how to collect and press spring and summer’s beautiful floral.

Another intergenerational activity

This is a wonderful activity for older person and a child to do together like so many other of our Grand Activities.

Here are three crafts in which to show off pressed flowers.

First, carefully remove any pressed flowers from the flower press using tweezers. Flowers will be fragile.

  1. Make a unique coffee cup-Use a kids craft cup which can be decorated, usually available at craft stores. Take the insert of the cup out and carefully place and secure your pressed flower on the inside of the cup. Replace the insert. Another way to secure the pressed flower is to glue it to the paper inserts that usually come with the craft. Use their paper inserts or make one of your own.

pressed flower in cup            cup craft with pressed leaves








2. Make bookmarks-Cut out bookmarks 1 ½-2  X 6 inches from cardstock. Glue flowers onto the front of the bookmark or carefully use Modge Podge® over the entire pressed flower. Let dry. Add any words, quotes, or sayings you wish. Punch a hole at the top of the bookmark and thread a small piece of ribbon or string through the hole and tie.

3. Make framed art-Place and glue pressed flowers onto paper such as cardstock that will fit into your chosen frame. I used Modge Podge®, which is a water-based sealer, glue, and finish available at craft stores. I carefully brushed it over my entire flower and stem. When the flowers are dry, place the cardstock with flowers into the frame and display.

pressed flower framed art

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