Reminiscing about Love

Reminiscing about love, Valentines Day, and other loves of life


Reminiscing about Lovecupid and heart

  • Who was the first girl/boy you ever noticed? How old were you?
  • Who was your first crush? What attracted you to him/her? Did you ever date?
  • Did anyone in particular ever make you blush?
  • Do you remember your first kiss? Who was it? Where did you kiss?
  • Who was your first date? Where did you go? How did you get there? Did you enjoy the date? Did you go on a date again with that person? How did your parents react?
  • Did you ever receive gifts from someone you were dating, maybe flowers, cards, or jewelry?
  • Did you ever write love letters to anyone or did you receive any love letters? Who were they from?
  • How did you meet your wife/husband? Where did you meet? How long did you date?
  • How did your spouse propose? Where did he/she propose? What did you think? Were you surprised? How did you feel? Who was the first person you told about getting engaged? What attracted you to your spouse?
  • What advice would you give to someone in love?
  • Who has been the greatest love in your life? (Spouse, children, etc…?)

Reminiscing about Valentine’s Day

  • What kinds of Valentine’s did you give (homemade, store-bought, etc…)? Did you ever give one to anyone special?
  • Did you ever receive a favorite Valentine? Who was it from? Did you keep it?
  • Did you ever keep any of your Valentines? Do you still have any today?
  • Did you ever receive any special gifts on Valentines Day?
  • Did you ever do anything special on Valentines Day? What did you do?

Other Loves

  • What are some of your other loves? (Food, animals, sports, people, seasons, places, things, etc…)

For those with Dementia

  • Instead of asking questions, you may wish to reminisce with sensory items such as photos of those they love, Valentines Day cards, special jewelry, flowers, things they love (such as a piece of candy, warm blanket, pets, favorite foods, etc…) Let your loved one look at, touch, taste, smell, or listen to something. If feelings of frustration occur, end the activity.
  • Fill their day with other things that they love such as walks, sitting on the porch, going for a ride, drinking a favorite beverage, receiving flowers, laughter, or other favorite things.
  • Filling their day with things they love, or once loved, may create a “feel-good” atmosphere and may stir some memories.

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