Get Moving with Winter Imagery

Bridge in winter

Imagine you are walking along a mountain path. You have walking sticks in both hands as you walk. You breathe deep taking in the fresh mountain air. You are relaxed. You see and hear a bird in the trees above you. As you look up, it starts to snow…

Imagery can be used in movement, relaxation, dance, exercise, and games.

Anyone can use this technique to get moving, whether you are young or old.  Using your imagination to guide you in movement sometimes makes us forget that we are moving. It can be motivating and fun.

**As with starting any physical exercise  or movement program always consult a doctor first.

Here are some winter images to help keep your older family member or friend moving.

**Note that these images are from a seated position.

  • Imagine you are walking through snow with snow boots or snow shoes. Maybe it gets deeper as you go or maybe someone has shoveled the path. (lift legs like you are marching)
  • As you walk you swing your arms or use your ski poles to keep balance.
  • You breathe deep, taking in the fresh air.
  • You look up to see the birds flying in the air. You slowly look down to watch your step. You slowly look up again to see snow falling. You slowly look down to see it falling all around your feet.
  • A kid throws a snowball at you. You scoop some snow up in your hands. You throw one back. You are now in the middle of a snowball fight. You throw more snowballs with both arms.
  • You win! You take another deep breath.
  • When you get home you wiggle your snow boots off. (rotate ankles)
  • You wiggle your gloves off. (rotate wrists)
  • Your hands are still cold. You wiggle your fingers. You rub your hands together.
  • Your feet are cold. You wiggle your toes.
  • You reach over to warm up your knees and shins. (rub your knees or shins)
  • You take another deep breath. You are warm and cozy.


  • You can repeat any image and do the movement as long as you wish.
  • Add your own movements as you imagine them.
  • Ask a child to join you in moving. They will certainly be creative and be fun to watch.
  • Adapt any movement as needed or skip those you cannot complete or are not safe to complete.
  • Take your time and have fun!
  • Exercising or moving to imagery may not be for everyone.

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