20 Simple Expressions of Love For an Older Family Member or Older Friend

Vintage Valentine's Day Card 

  • ♥  Create and give (or send) a St. Valentine’s Day care package.

  • ♥  Hold Hands

  • ♥  Bake homemade goodies for someone, or better yet bake with them so the smell of something sweet fills their home.

  • ♥  Surprise them with lunch or dinner at a restaurant, make a loved one’s favorite meal, or try something new like fondue.

  • ♥  Make and give a home-made card with your own personal message of love.

  • ♥  Give a gentle shoulder or arm massage. Give a hand massage using lotion.

  • ♥  Pray together.

  • ♥  Watch an old movie together while eating popcorn or other snack.

  • ♥  Bring a pet to visit and let him love on your older family member. Place a colorful scarf on your pet before you go.

  • ♥  Share a piece of pie, piece of fruit, or cup of coffee and conversation.

  • ♥  Write a “love letter” that lets a loved one know how much you love and appreciate them.

  • ♥  Make a large pot of soup and share it. Store the rest of the soup in freezer bowls for meals later on.

  • ♥  Give a gift card to a store and take them there.

  • ♥  Smile, laugh, and give a lot of hugs. When you give these things, you usually get them back.

  • ♥  Look through old photos or photo albums. Or, look through a loved one’s old greeting card scrapbook and find the Valentines cards.

  • ♥  Bring a warm fuzzy blanket as a gift.

  • ♥  Write notes of love on sticky paper and leave them around the house for a loved one to find.

  • ♥  If you have an elderly neighbor check on them and leave them with some goodies.

  • ♥  Give a loved one and yourself a warm foot bath at the same time. Enjoy the warmth and relaxation.

  • ♥  Share favorite quotes, sayings, or bible readings about love.


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