Garden Catalogs for Gardeners

 For those older persons who love gardening…

the garden catalogs are out!

Red Rose Bush

If your older family member or friend loves to garden they probably also love to look at garden catalogs. You can request a catalog from these garden companies by linking to their online request page. Or if you and your loved prefer, look at their plants online. Look at fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers, and plan a garden. Or just have fun looking!

*There are many more companies online. Just type in garden catalogs in your search engine.

Here are some links to save time.     (Click on “Request our free Catalog” at the top of the page.)


Garden Catalogs for Gardeners — 3 Comments

  1. I’ll be most gratefull in receiving a catalog from you so i can improve my interest in gardening while on retirement please. Thank you.

    • Hi Arthur
      The catalogs are not actually from Caregivers Activity Source, but from the companies listed in the links. Please link and request your copy from one of those companies. You’ll have to fill out the form there. Thanks for commenting and I hope you’ll enjoy your catalog! Happy Gardening!
      Caregivers Activity Source

  2. Since retirement some friend introduced me to gardening by helping him pull out weeds.As days flew by i took a strong interest in planting my own flowers such as Marigold,cosmos African Daisy etc.I would love to require a catalogue to improve other varieties of plants.