May Day Flower Surprise

May Day Baskets made from paper

May Day Baskets made from paper cones

May Day is May 1st…

and traditionally May baskets were made and left on someone’s door. Sometimes the baskets were hung from the doorknob and inside were flowers or other treats. Recreate these simple May Day Baskets and leave one for your loved one or have your older family member or friend make one for someone else!

Materials and Supplies Needed for a May Day Basket:

  • Square piece of paper 8″ X 8″ – or other square size of your choice
  • Ribbon
  • Flowers or treats
  • Gift tag and pen
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch


  1. Fold the square piece of paper into a cone shape and tape along the sides.
  2. Cut a piece of ribbon about 15″ long or longer if needed.
  3. Punch a hole at each side of the top of the cone. String the ribbon through these holes and tie for hanging on a doorknob.
  4. Place flowers or treats into the cone.
  5. Sign a “Happy May Day” tag and attach it to the basket.
  6. Hang on someone’s front doorknob or give as a gift.

Paper May Day Basket with Candy           Paper May Day Basket with Flowers

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