Supporting our Nursing Home Residents

child's drawing of a red bear

Did you ever think…

there was a way to support residents of nursing homes?

There are several ways for young and old to get involved and support nursing home residents:

  • If you have a relative or friend living in a nursing home, visit as often as you are able.
  • Visit with a qualified pet therapy animal. Residents love and look forward to these visits!
  • Visit with your children or children’s group such as girl scouts, boy scouts, or school.
  • If you have small children that love to draw, color, or create other artwork, bring some artwork in to give to the residents. They will enjoy it more than you know.
  • Church groups are important so that all residents have an opportunity to practice the faith they believe in. See if the church you belong to can be of service.
  • Form a volunteer group from the business you are a part of and check with staff members of a nursing home to see how you can help. This may be gifts at holidays, sponsoring a party, visits, giving greeting cards, etc…
  • Adopt a resident during the holidays to give a gift. Many homes have giving trees to sponsor a resident.
  • Share a talent you may have. You may sing, dance, play an instrument, have wonderful slide shows of places you’ve visited, do woodworking, garden, or knit.
  • Visit with your family. This is a great way to show children how to give to others and give back to the community all the while forming friendships with the older generation. Whether you just to visit with others, share a talent, or give something you’ve made as a family, these are all wonderful ways to enrich your life as well as the lives of older people.

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