Antique Store Shopping

Antique store display

Antiques are a unique way to reminisce.

Antique store shopping is a fun way to spend some time with an older loved one. It is so much more than just shopping. Especially if you take kids or grandkids.

I recently took my mom and my kids to a local antique store and right away her interests were peaked. She enjoyed looking at everything. The kids received some lessons about what things were used for and the way things were “back then”. They loved it! My mom looked through every room (the antique store was an old house), and looked through almost every thing until she wore herself out.

Antique stores are great if your older loved one enjoys reminiscing or enjoys antiques. You might hear many stories and learn many things during your visit. Seeing old antiques in person is quite different from seeing them in pictures.

Grandma and grandchild shopping at antique store

If you plan to take an older family member to an antique store:

  • Know that they may tire suddenly.
  • Some antique stores don’t have the best flooring because they are in older buildings. Just be aware if you have concerns about your loved one’s balance or falling.
  • Always bring a bottle of water in case of thirst or a need to take medicine.
  • Bring the kids if you can manage it. They learn so much. Even though my kids are teens I still asked them not to touch anything (or at least try not to).
  • We ended up purchasing some small items, but really you don’t even need to buy anything. Just look!

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