Gifts of Art for Grandparents

Many children love to color, draw, and paint as a way to express themselves. They can sometimes create so many pages of art that it’s hard to know what to do with them all. I have experienced this with my own children and I didn’t have the heart to throw any of them away.

Have you ever wondered what to do with all the coloring pages, drawings, and paintings the child in your family creates? Many older folks love to receive these art pages. They love to look at them, display them, and show them to others.

Here are some ideas on how to turn works of art into gifts of art for a grandparent or other older person in your life.

child's postcard on display

  • Give your child postcard sized papers to draw or paint on and send them in the mail. The cheerful postcard is always a welcome sight in the mail.
  • Bind the pages of art together into a book. Use a binder to place the artwork in. Make a cover for the binder (there is a cover sleeve in most binders to slip one into) with the artists name on it.
  • Glue the artwork onto a sturdy piece of cardboard or cardstock and attach a magnet to the back. Or place in clear frames meant for hanging on refrigerators.
  • Use the colored pages from a coloring book as wrapping paper for small gifts.
  • Tuck the artwork in gifts like books to use as bookmarks.

care package items in a basket

  • Add a collection of art to a care package you are making for a loved one who lives near or far away.
  • Glue small art to the top of a coaster (found at hobby stores). Finish it with a clear coat of modge podge.
  • Of course there are many sites that can create calendars. Just scan in your child’s artwork and send it off to create a personalized calendar.

flower painting

  • Nature painting is a wonderful piece of art that makes small lovely gifts you may frame. You can also frame and display other pages like drawings or coloring pages.

These make great gifts for Grandparents Day or other special days of the year.

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