Zinio-For Libraries

laptop computerZinio Digital Magazines for Libraries, is a way to view magazines digitally on your favorite tech device. You can access Zinio through computer, tablets, or mobile devices. Some tech devices require apps to view the magazines. If you or your older family member or friend don’t mind viewing magazines digitally, you might consider taking advantage of this free program.

  1. Contact your library to see if they offer the Zinio Digital Magazines for Libraries program. If so, read the instructions, (or listen to a video), that will lead you to create an account. Depending which device you choose to view your magazine on, you may also need to download an app to view it.
  2. View the list of magazines available through your library and choose your favorites. There are no limits on number of magazines or time limits. There is no return on the magazines. You would simply edit it from your collection if you no longer wanted it.
  3.  An interesting feature of viewing magazines on-line is the use of hyperlinks and video clips that may be available on magazine pages. Click a link and it will take you to another site.
  4. You may need to assist your older family member or friend to maneuver through the magazines depending on their experience and comfort level with electronic devices and the Zinio program.

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