How to Make a Chair Caddy

Many people have a favorite chair that they gravitate to every day. My mom has her favorite spot on the love seat where she embroiders and does her crosswords. My dad’s favorite chair is a swivel rocker where he can turn around any which way to see what’s going on. My mom decided to make my dad a chair caddy for his swivel rocker to hold the things he uses most often when he sits there.

chair caddy

A chair caddy can hold just about any small item that you need such as Kleenex, glasses, nail file, or remote control. But activity items that a loved one can use to stay active can also be added. These things, depending on interests may include TV guide, crossword puzzles, mazes, books, magazines, pens/pencils, paper, stationery, sewing materials, hand-held games, phones, calculators, etc…

Here are simple directions for making a chair caddy for an older loved ones chair.

  1. My mom bought a hand towel, that would match the decor on my dad’s chair, at the department store. The hand towel measures about 16″ X 27″.
  2. First she laid the towel out flat, then folded the bottom part up one-third of the length of the towel to form a pocket.
  3. Next, she sewed the sides of the pocket together.
  4. She sewed one line in the middle of the pocket to form two pockets, one larger pocket and one smaller pocket.                                       chair caddy
  5. The chair caddy lays on the arm of a fabric chair and the pocket hangs over the side. The caddy is secured to the chair with ties that can be tucked under the chair cushion. Ties can be made from ribbon and three of them sewn to the top of the caddy, one on each side, and one in the middle. Long ties should be used for fabric chair cushions in order to be tucked under the cushion. If you are making this for a wheelchair, three ties should again be used, but doubled so that it may be tied to the side of the chair.

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