Heart Pocket Craft

Make heart pockets to store little Valentine’s Gifts!

felt heart pocket with pin

Materials and Supplies Needed:

  • Felt in your choice of colors
  • Embroidery floss or other thread you have on hand
  • Needle
  • Regular scissors and pinking shears
  • Small gifts you would like to give (see below)


  1. Cut a heart shape from felt. You may use a heart pattern if you have one or do like I did and fold the felt in half and cut a heart from it the old fashioned way. The size will depend on how many little items you want your heart pocket to hold. Cut about ¼ of an inch bigger than your desired size.
  2. Cut a second heart this same size.
  3. Next, with both hearts together, cut the edges with pinking shears.
  4. Thread a needle with thread. (I used 6 strands of red embroidery floss.) Sew the two hearts together with a running stitch, leaving a small opening at the top to stuff in small gifts. (I ran my stitch all along the top, but did not sew the two together at the top.)
  5. Sew in a handle with your thread on each side of the opening at the top and knotting at each end.


  • If you want to give your loved one a new brooch, the outside of the heart pocket is a lovely place to pin it as I did in the picture.
  • The pocket can be used to hold candy or small valentines. You can also cut up strips of paper writing on them “Reasons why I love you”. You can write “I love you because you make me laugh” or “I love you because you are my mother and my friend”, etc… Stuff the pocket with as many reasons as you like.
  • You can make this gift for a loved one or your loved one may want to make these as gifts for others.

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