Autumn Mason Jar Crafts

mason jars filled with cand and flowers

Mason jars have been around since the 1800’s. The jars were used in home canning for the preservation of food. Today, the jars are still used for canning, but also recycled and used in crafts.

Many of our seniors will likely remember mason jars.

Consider the following simple crafts. Use the questions below for reminiscing while crafting with your older family member or friend.

Silk Floral Vase

Materials Needed:

  • Autumn silk floral or dried leaves or flowers from the outdoors
  • Spanish moss or glass marbles of desired color
  • Clean mason jar of any size to fit your floral


  1. Place some of the Spanish moss or marbles into the mason jar.
  2. Place the floral down into the moss or marbles trying to keep it centered.
  3. If needed place more Spanish moss or marbles around the floral to keep it steady and centered.
  4. Use as a centerpiece and enjoy!

Candy Jar

Materials Needed:

  • One or two small clean mason jars with new lid and rim
  • Candy corn (or other favorite candy)
  • Ribbon or raffia


  1. Tie a ribbon or raffia around the top of the mason jar. (Below the rim.)
  2. Fill mason jar with candy corn and place the lid on it. (You can leave the lid off if getting the lid on and off is too cumbersome.)
  3. Set out to enjoy!
  4. Make more than one candy jar if you wish, or give some away as gifts.

Other crafts from mason jars

  • Store tiny found items in them from walks such as seashells, leaves, or pinecones.
  • Make a fairy garden with a few small items. 

Reminisce about mason jars

  • Did you ever can food or know someone who did?
  • What did you (or they) can?
  • Did you grow the produce yourself?
  • Canning is a big job-did you have any help? Who helped you?
  • Where did you store your jars?
  • Did you give some away?

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