Senior Centers-Should I Involve My Loved One?

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Senior Centers help older people to stay active. Generally they cater to anyone 55 years of age or older and offer creative, educational, social, physical, wellness, and community programs.

  • Why attend a senior center?

Senior centers connect people with programs of their interest, for example, swimming, painting, yoga, massages, and trips. The programs also connect people with the same interests, fostering friendships and socialization. Interests can be tied to something done in the past or possibly learning a new hobby or skill. If your loved one needs help getting motivated (as many of us do), getting up and attending a class he’s signed up for might help.

  • Where are Senior Centers?

Most communities have senior centers (or recreation centers that may offer senior programming). Check your local community newspaper, city or county websites, or library for senior resources in your area.

  • What programs are offered?

It varies from center to center. Physical activities may include activities such as exercise, dance swimming, hikes, yoga, or tai chi. Creative activities may include painting, sewing, ceramics, or photography. Luncheons, trips, and holiday events keep a senior socially connected to people and the community. Computer classes, health talks, and learning a new language may be part of an educational program. Check program brochures for specific programs of interest.

  • Are the programs adapted to meet my loved ones special needs?

Good question. Relay your concerns to the senior center and they can answer your individual questions. Many centers now have adapted programs to meet various needs.

  • Why should I involve my loved one?

Why not? It’s a great place to be if he or she loves to keep active and be with others. If your loved one has a life-long habit of not being involved with others, this type of setting may not be for him or her. It’s sure worth taking a look at though.


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