Felt and Fabric Pumpkins

Do you have a stash of felt and fabric scraps your saving?

If you have a stash of orange and brown scraps, why not carve some pumpkins that smell good too? This is a simple activity for an older loved one who enjoys crafts. Invite the grandkids to help and make this an intergenerational activity.

fabric pumpkin craft materials


Materials Needed:

  • Orange and brown felt and fabric scraps (or other colors of your choice)
  • Green ribbon
  • Glue
  • Pinking Shears and scissors
  • Cinnamon essential oil (optional)


  1. Cut circles from felt and fabric. I used orange felt and old brown wool remnants. (Since I didn’t have orange wool fabric I just used the brown that I had on hand.) The wool helps to add some plump to the pumpkin whereas the felt lays flat. I used orange felt pieces every other layer. You may use the base of a coffee cup (or other round pattern) to cut the first circle. Pinking shears were used to make a decorative edge, which is optional. (Consider safety and strength of a loved ones hands in cutting fabric and felt.)
  2. Circles should go from smaller at the bottom, to larger in the middle, then smaller at the top, like the shape of a pumpkin. Cut all sizes.
  3. Make a small hole in the middle of each circle with a small snip of a scissors.
  4. Cut a small piece of ribbon, larger than the size of the layers of pumpkin. Make a knot at one end. If you wish to hang the pumpkin make the ribbon longer in order to form a loop in the next step.
  5. Thread the ribbon through each hole in each circle, stopping at the knot (the knot is the bottom). Start with the bottom layers of the pumpkin first, then add each layer of circles until you reach the top. Then tie the ribbon again at the top to secure it and act as a stem. Trim the top of the stem with a pinking shears or if you wish to hang the pumpkin make a loop, then tie a knot.
  6. Note that you may need to trim the pumpkin in various places to make it rounder after it is put together in layers.
  7. Add a drop of cinnamon essential oil between one of the layers of fabric if  you want to have the aroma of cinnamon.
  8. Use your pumpkin to decorate a table, tray, or hang it where your loved one may enjoy it!

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