Reminiscing about Easter

 Easter is a special time for many families,

and Easter is celebrated in many ways. How has your older family member or friend celebrated Easter?

easter eggs in a bowl


Here are some questions for reminiscing about Easter

Celebrating Easter as a child

  • Did you celebrate Easter as a child?
  • How did you celebrate Easter?
  • Was it ever a tradition to buy new clothes for Easter? Did you have new shoes, dress, or an Easter bonnet? Did you have a new suit, hat, or tie? How did you dress for the day?
  • Did you attend church services? What family members did you attend with? Was there a special church celebration that you attended such as an Easter vigil?
  • Did you participate in Easter egg hunts? What were the Easter egg hunts like? Where did they take place? Were there many kids?
  • Did you have a big Easter dinner? With whom did you generally celebrate with? What was usually the main course? What other traditional Easter dishes were served? Did you have dinner at your home or somewhere else? Who did the cooking? What was your favorite dish?
  • Did you ever receive any gifts?
  • Did you color eggs? How did you color them? Did you color eggs with your siblings or other family members?
  • What did Easter mean to you and your family?

Celebrating Easter as an adult

  • When you got older, how did you celebrate Easter?
  • Who did you celebrate with? At who’s home did you celebrate?
  • Did you attend church services?
  • What was cooked at the Easter meal? What was your favorite dish? Did you cook? If not, did you bring anything to share at the meal?
  • Did you dress up for Easter? Was it a tradition to buy something new for Easter? What did you generally dress like for Easter?
  • Did you decorate for Easter? What were the decorations like?
  • If you have children: How did you celebrate with your children? Did you dye Easter eggs? Have an Easter egg hunt? Did you attend a public Easter egg hunt or Easter egg roll? Did you give Easter gifts to your children? What did you buy them? What kind of candy did you have for them? Did you buy them new clothes for Easter? What did they prefer to wear or what did you prefer for them to wear?
  • What does Easter mean to you?

** For those with memory loss:

  • Look at photo albums with pictures of past Easter celebrations.
  • Look through Easter decorations and discuss what Easter may mean to your loved one.
  • Talk about the Easter meal while looking through recipes, having Easter candy as a snack (like jelly beans, chocolate Easter bunnies, etc…), or planning this year’s Easter meal.
  • As a family member talk about what Easter means to you and what it meant to you growing up.

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