Tiny Treasure Box

Two Tiny Treasure Boxes

Treasure boxes made with miniature buttons and butterfly embellishment

If you want to find tiny treasures, you have to start with a tiny box to put them in!

This is first a craft, and second,an ongoing search for tiny treasures. This is a great activity to do with an older family member or friend.

After the box is made the fun begins when you start to look for tiny treasures to put in your box.Your search for tiny treasures may take you on walks outdoors or in stores, or maybe even in your home or your loved ones home.

Materials and Supplies Needed to Decorate a Tiny Treasures Box:

  • Small boxes with lids like those that jewelry are sold in or found in hobby stores
  • Small decorations that you have at home such as buttons, colorful paper, ribbon, paint, markers, etc…
  • Scissors, glue, etc…


  • After picking out a box, decide how you want to decorate it.
  • There is no right or wrong way to decorate a box. Use your imagination and have fun.
  • Then let the search for tiny treasures begin!
Tiny treasure boxes

Make a tiny treasure box for a fairy!


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