15 Activities To Do On An IPAD

So your older family member or friend has an IPAD, or you are thinking about getting them one. What activities can be done on an IPAD? Here are 15 activities.

  1. Listening to music-After you’ve downloaded favorite songs or albums, you can make playlists to organize them.
  2. Play games-Download free and paid versions of favorite games, anything from slots, to poker, to solitaire, and many more
  3. Facetime-Talk face to face with someone. Facetime from a game, concert, or show someone something that you just can’t wait to show them.
  4. Texting
  5. Internet access to favorite sites when you are set-up with 3G or wi-fi
  6. Make notes or lists
  7. Take pictures
  8. Look at pictures
  9. Check the time and the weather
  10. Check and send e-mails (if you are set-up with an e-mail account)
  11. Set dates for events or set reminders
  12. Watch movies or music videos after you have downloaded them
  13. Download Zinio for libraries to read magazines for free
  14. Newstand-checking news, magazines, books, etc…
  15. Applications-Too many to list, but applications can do many things

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