Helpful Activities

Sometimes, while caring for a loved one,

he or she can become frustrated, confused, or upset.

First check to see if they are hungry, in pain, or there is too much stimulation. First try to find the cause and take care of those needs first.

Then you may consider using an activity to help in calming. Having activities up your sleeve can help in a moments notice. Here are some activities that can be tried. You will need to decide what is right for your loved one and the situation.

  • Singing a happy and familiar tune. Some suggestions might be “You are my sunshine”, religious hymns, etc…
  • Change the setting. Walk or sit outdoors on a nice day. Walk into another part of their home and find something to look at such as a photograph, picture, book, etc…
  • Read from a familiar book.
  • Look at pictures in magazines or scrapbooks. See how to make a colorful scrapbook from old calendars.
  • Play simple card games.
  • Pet a dog or cat.
  • Watch a familiar TV show.
  • Listen to music of interest.
  • Cheerful conversation.
  • Share a snack together. See finger food ideas.
  • Gentle hand massage, holding hands, or hugs, may help. (Be aware that not all people like to be touched)
  • See also 10 Ways to help a loved one relax

Share what activities work for you.

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