The Sensory Garden

Lambs Ear plant

A Sensory Garden invites us to experience the world with a “different set of eyes”.

If you cannot see, you can touch. If you cannot hear, you can smell. If you cannot taste, you can see. If you cannot remember, you can feel a sense of peace. A sensory garden is a magical place, where for a moment, challenges can disappear.

A sensory garden is captivating.

The garden appeals to all the senses. A sensory garden is a uniquely designed garden that’s appeals to our sense of taste, smell, sound, sight, and, touch.

A sensory garden helps people with challenges…

to connect to the world around them in an unthreatening way. It is there for exploring, to delight, to refresh, to bring peace, and just be.

Plant collage

See these plants in a sensory garden in my post next week.

Gardens are inspiring.

Sights, smells, and tastes from the garden can bring us back to another time. It can arouse memories of another garden we may have had, plants we planted, and how we used them. A sensory garden’s bounty may draw us into the kitchen to cook a favorite dish. And of course working with plants is the delight of gardeners.

Visit a sensory garden this spring and summer with an older family member. Many botanical gardens have them!

See A Botanical Garden Visit

Next week see my post on creating a patio sensory garden at home for an older family member. 

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