Spring Walks for Remembering

Spring is here and there is so much to see and remember.

Each season has its own beauty, but spring brings new beginnings. Now we can look forward to new life occurring right before our eyes and remembering past Spring seasons.



This Spring, take a walk with an older loved one and enjoy what this season has to offer. Use this as an opportunity for reminiscing.

Here are some activities to enjoy and questions for reminiscing.

  • Find Spring flowers like tulips, daffodils, crocuses, hyacinths, snowdrops, and pansies. If it’s possible, bring some cutting indoors.­ Did you ever plant spring flowers? Which ones did you enjoy planting? Who in the neighborhood always had the best flowers? Did you ever cut them and bring them indoors?
  • Search for flowers, plants and perennials that are emerging from the soil in public or private gardens. If you are walking through your own garden, spread some seeds where plants can grow. Place some seeds in an old, clean spice bottle and use as a seed spreader. Each time you walk, watch the growth from the seeds you planted. Did you ever plant a garden? If so what kinds of plants did you have? What plants were your favorite? What are your favorites now? What was the easiest/hardest to grow?
  • Look for animals, bugs, bees, and butterflies along your walk. Did you have any favorite bugs as a child? Did you ever plant a butterfly garden to attract butterflies?
  • Look for birds and birds nests and listen for birds. Are there any young birds or birds looking for nesting materials, food and water? Can you identify any birds? Do you enjoy birds? Did you ever put out bird feeders or bird baths? Did you ever enjoy bird watching? What are your favorite birds?
  • Go to the park to fly a kite or watch the grandkids or other children fly one. Did you ever fly a kite as a kid? Did you fly kites with your children? What was spring time like as a kid? What were your favorite activities to participate in?
  • After dying Easter eggs with the grandkids, hide the eggs along a walk in the yard. Have an elder help a child to hunt for the eggs. Did you always enjoy coloring Easter eggs? What was Easter like as a child? What did you do for Easter with your children?
  • Pick some spring fruits and vegetables like strawberries, asparagus, lettuce, spinach, and others or find some at a market. On your outing plan what you will do with them. What was your favorite fruit/vegetable as a child? Was there a vegetable/fruit dish you were fond of? Can you remember the recipe?
  • When walking in the neighborhood watch for children riding their bikes, trikes and scooters. Watch for pet walkers, neighbors, and other activity. Who were your neighbors when you were a child or young adult? Were you close to your neighbors? Did you have family that lived in the neighborhood?
  • Go on a tree scouting walk to look for flowering trees and trees with leaves starting to unfold. What are your favorite trees? Did you have any trees in your yard or neighborhood growing up that you were fond of?
  • Listen to some relaxing music along your walk. What music relaxes your loved one? What music puts you in a calm mood? What was your favorite music as a child? Is it the same as the music you enjoy now? Who is your favorite music artist?

Where to walk:

  • Your yard or an elder’s yard
  • Neighborhood
  • Park
  • Public or private garden
  • Nursery

Things to keep an eye out for on your walk

  • Flowers, plants, grass, and trees
  • Animals, bugs, bees, and butterflies
  • Kites
  • Weather signs of rain or remnants of snow
  • Sprinklers
  • Rainbows after a rainstorm
  • Sunshine
  • Anything with color-greens, purples, blues, oranges, yellow
  • Neighbors and people involved in activities that you may socialize with


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