What is Pickle-ball?

Pickle-ball is a little like ping-pong, a little like tennis, and a little like badminton. It is all of these games rolled into one!

Pickle-ball is played with a plastic ball, like a whiffle ball and wooden paddles. The ball is hit over a three-foot net within a court smaller than the size of a tennis court. In fact, the court is the size of a badminton doubles court.

The ball is volleyed back and forth between singles or doubles. It is a physical, fast-paced, and competitive game that many active seniors are becoming familiar with. It is growing in popularity even though it was invented in the late 1960’s.

Many recreation and senior centers offer this popular game so check their listings for pickle-ball programs. For more information on the game of pickle-ball and it’s history visit the pickle-ball website at www.pickleball.com



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