3 Easy Steps to a Valentine’s Day Care Package

A Valentine’s Care Package sends a message of love and caring to an elder.

Care packages are fun to put together for an elder. Here are some easy steps to put one together.

homemade heart shaped cookies for Valentines Day

Homemade heart-shaped cookies stacked and tied with a ribbon are great to add to a care package.

1) First, decide on what gifts you want to include in your care package. Some suggestions might be:

homemade cookies



games like cards or dominoes

puzzle books like Sudoku or crosswords

stationery, pens, and stamps

movies and music

gift cards

new kitchen towels

children’s artwork

a small scrapbook with family photos

a Valentine’s Day card-Home made cards with personalized verses make cards special

other personalized items that would appeal to your elder

2) Next decide what type of container you will need to fit your gifts in. Some suggestions are gift bags, beautiful reusable boxes (available now at many stores), recycled boxes you decorate yourself, baskets, or anything you have on hand.

3) Add all the gifts to the container. Add some real or dried flowers and/or ribbon to top it off, then deliver it in person or send it through the mail.

If you work in a senior facility… Many of these items can be given as gifts like children’s artwork, a piece of fruit, puzzles copied on colored paper, Valentine’s cards, stationery, chocolate, and homemade cookies (consider dietary restrictions, however). Brown paper lunch bags can be used and stamped with heart stamps.

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